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D2.3 Defined ERA scoreboard approach

This report sets out the proposed approach for the development of the RECREATE scoreboard, the aim of which is to compare, measure and benchmark research-based efforts in the European Research Area (ERA) in the fields of climate change, resource efficiency and raw materials and any interactions between them.  It builds from key concepts arising from the RECREATE project as a whole, in particular its analytical framework (D.5) describing linkages and dynamic interrelations between relevant actors, factors and systems. In the first chapter, our report describes the concept for the scoreboard and its main principles. The second chapter compares existing scoreboards and draws conclusions for the purpose of setting up a RECREATE scoreboard. The third chapter discusses indicators and develops an initial set of thirteen potential indicators that are deemed relevant for the purposes of a RECREATE scoreboard. It should be noted however that this research is not yet fully accomplished and limitations and further opportunities will be analysed as the scoreboard development process takes place in subsequent tasks comprising work package 4. The fourth chapter assesses potential target groups and outputs from such a scoreboard. Finally, conclusions are drawn and the report elaborates on the next steps to be undertaken in WP 4.    

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