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Special RECREATE workshops on Circular Economy, focussing on ‘Industry’ and on ‘Finance & Entrepreneurship’ perspectives (25 October 2016)

Held back-to-back with its 3rd Annual Stakeholder Workshop on 26 October, the RECREATE project also organised two special workshops with representatives from ‘Big Industry’ and from ‘Finance and Entrepreneurship’, respectively, on 25 October. Both workshops focussed on the transition towards the Circular Economy and on the question of how policy can best support and enable the respective stakeholder groups to take active role in such a transition. The outcome of these two special workshops is currently being processed by the RECREATE team. A second set of workshops will be organised in the spring 2017.  Eventually, the work will result in one or two policy briefs with concrete and specific policy recommendations, to be published in the second half of 2017.