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Outcome of the 1st RECREATE stakeholder workshop (23 April 2014)

The first RECREATE stakeholder workshop was held on 23 April 2014 in Brussels.

The event had four main objectives:

  1. Launch of the RECREATE Stakeholder Network
  2. Identifying and discussing trade-offs and synergies between the three fields of Climate Action, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials
  3. Identifying and discussing ways to achieve more integration between the three fields
  4. On this basis, identifying policy needs in order to support the integration

The workshop was organised into three different sessions with the following titles:

  1. "Research and policy in the areas of climate change, raw materials and resource efficiency: Tradeoffs and synergies.”
  2. “Is there scope for Research and Innovation integration of Climate Change, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials?”
  3.  “Emerging topics and vision scoping: European research and innovation policies for 2050 to better incorporate key challenges within and linkages between raw materials, resource efficiency and climate change.”

Please find below the outcome report of the event. (The full set of workshop materials is available upon registration in the "RECREATE Network" area.)