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Industry in the Circular Economy – 25 October 2016, Brussels

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How can European R&I policies best support the transition towards a Circular Economy?

The idea of a Circular Economy, in which resources and products are not just used and then disposed but instead re-used, recycled or even upcycled, has become an important focus of the EU’s policy-making. Along with other concepts (e.g. Nature-based Solutions) the Circular Economy is essential for a transition towards a more sustainable and “greener” growth model. What is certain is the fact that the Circular Economy can only be achieved with the industry on board. It is therefore essential to set the right incentives for industry to make the transition happen. Research and innovation policy can play a crucial role in this context, as it will help to find solutions that make sense ecologically and economically. By defining the right priorities and designing the right funding mechanisms, the development and implementation of such solutions can be significantly accelerated.

Against this background, the RECREATE project ( is organising an industry workshop in Brussels in the afternoon of Tuesday 25 October 2016. The workshop will be centered around the following question: “How can European R&I policies best support the transition towards a Circular Economy?”

Participation to this workshop will be limited to 25-30 participants across a range of industrial sectors. Travel costs will be reimbursed. Please indicate your interest in participating by completing the registration form below. Please note that your participation still needs to be confirmed by us. The event is organised back-to-back with the Annual RECREATE Stakeholder Event on 26 October (see this link), to which you are also very much invited. Please note that registration for the latter event is separate.

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