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WP5 Forward-looking analysis

In WP5, we will carry out a forward looking analysis on the links between the focus areas of climate change, resource efficiency and raw materials. We will do so by organizing key stakeholder foresight workshops that deliver new knowledge on the risks and possibilities inherent in the development of the three focus areas. The workshops are part of the larger stakeholder deliberation of RECREATE and follow the general description provided in Task 3.2. WP5 includes a plausible future vision of EU in the year 2050, where policies created to reinforce the synergies between the focus areas have induced European innovation, increased well-being, and created new jobs. At the same time, negative feedback effects between the three focus areas, such as those between raw material extraction and climate change, have been avoided. Thus, the foresight workshops will provide Horizon 2020 with an arena for strategic decision making and priority setting. In addition, WP5 will monitor trends and deliver policy recommendations for designing R&D support programmes and other instruments within the EU. The foresight work is supported by the methodological development in WP2 and the impact studies in WP4. The actual workshops will be carried out as part of the expert network coordinated in WP3. There will be regular briefings on these issues that shall serve as catalyst for bringing scenario findings in stakeholders network (WP3) and vice versa.