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WP4 Scoreboard and evidence-based narratives

The objective of WP4 is to provide evidence related to policies and initiatives aiming at innovation in the fields of Climate Action, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials. This evidence shall primarily be provided in two forms:

1. Evidence-based narratives, based on examples of innovations related to on-going or upcoming initiatives of DG RTD. Exemplary cases may refer to any level of governance and in principle from any region in the world. They will outline the potential of innovations in the respective fields.

2. A scoreboard of the implementation of European Research Area (ERA) within the areas of Climate Action, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials. The scoreboard will measure and benchmark progress in the different Member States against each other. This will include the identification and development of suitable and appropriate indicators.

The results produced in this WP will be used by WP3 (Stakeholder Network), WP5 (Forward-looking Activities) and WP6 (Policy Briefs).