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Technical University of Denmark

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The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is among the leading technical universities in Europe. DTU's cross-disciplinary climate research platform (Climate DTU) is hosted by the Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCSD) unit in the Systems Analysis Division, Department of Management Engineering. This unit participates in numerous national and international research projects and conducts interdisciplinary research in relation to Danish and global energy development, sustainable development scenarios and indicators, economic studies of climate change, measurement and assessment of climate change, strategies, policy instruments and decision-making. Likewise, the Technology and Innovation Management Division has carried out extensive research and teaching concerning technology foresight. The research of this division is strategic and discipline oriented covering three themes: Design Engineering & Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Industrial Dynamics & Strategy. Researchers in the Technology and Innovation Management Division have been involved in numerous national, European and international foresight and scenario research and advisory projects since 1998, including a range of EU projects.


DTU will mainly contribute to WP4 and WP5.