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European Industrial Research Management Association

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EIRMA offers access to a vibrant network of global R&D performers coming from all business sectors. It was created in 1966 in Paris and is now established in Brussels, in the heart of the European district. It is basically an organization counting some 110 industrial companies and about 10 RTO's and universities having R&D in 20 countries in Europe.

The focus of this "not for profit" organization is on improving global business performance through more effectively applied R&D.


Eirma organizes about 15 events per year (Round tables, Special interest groups, an Annual conference, a CTO meeting,...) for its members. It is pretty much a "take and give" approach where R&D specialists from different industrial sectors exchange best practices and experience about the management of industrial research. The programme of activities is generated by a Planning Programming Committee made up of members since Eirma is a member driven organization with a General Assembly (members), a Board of Directors of members and an operating team under the lead of a Secretary General reporting to the Board of Directors.

All the minutes and insights of the meeting have been documented for many years for members only and can be found on our website (

Last but not least Eirma has outreach activities towards the EU and sister organizations like EARTO and EUA and similar organizations to Eirma in the world (IRI in the USA, ANPEI in Brazil, JRIA in Japan, Koita in Korea and AIRG in Australia.)


EIRMA will be involved in WP3 and WP7.