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The European Chemical Industry Council

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Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council) is the Brussels-based organisation representing the European chemical industry. Cefic represents, directly or indirectly, about 29,000 large, medium and small chemical companies that employ about 1.2 million people and account for nearly a third of world chemical production. Cefic was incorporated in 1972 as an international association with scientific objectives. Cefic addresses key issues of global importance, such as: Competitiveness, Research & Innovation, High Level Group on Chemicals, EU Chemicals Policy, International Trade, Climate change & Energy, etc.

Cefic membership includes:

  • European national federations and associate federations;
  • Fifty major international chemical companies with operations in Europe;
  • Sectorial businesses with a production base in Europe.

CEFIC will be involved in WP3 and WP7.