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Ecologic Institute gemeinnützige GmbH

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Ecologic Institute

An independent, non-partisan body, the Ecologic Institute is dedicated to bringing fresh ideas to environmental policies and sustainable development and works directly at the policy-science-interface. It covers the entire spectrum of environmental issues, including climate change, resource efficiency and raw materials. Research on policy development as well as providing integrated and inter-disciplinary ex-post evaluation and ex-ante assessments are core capacities of the Ecologic team. Communicating research outcomes to various target groups is one of Ecologic’s core capacities. In this research area, the Ecologic Institute has lead and participated in numerous FP6 and FP7 projects and carried out also a high number of projects i.e. for DG Environment, DG Climate Action, the EEA, national and regional ministries and authorities etc.


Ecologic Institute will lead WP6 and contribute to WP3 and WP4.